Welding Manipulator


The welding manipulator is a specialized device used in combination with welding rotators, welding positioners, and other equipment for the automatic welding of internal and external circumferential seams, fillet welds, and internal and external longitudinal seams of components. It comes in various structural forms, such as fixed, rotary, and full-position styles.

Based on the user’s requirements, the machine’s structure can be selected, and various welding machines can be installed, along with additional auxiliary functions such as tracking, oscillation, monitoring, and welding flux recovery and transportation. It is widely used in industries such as pressure vessels, refrigeration equipment, power plant construction, metallurgy, construction machinery, shipbuilding, pipe rolling overlay welding, and petrochemical construction.

Performance features

  • The column and beam adopt steel plate profile structure with a flat guide design, providing good rigidity and low structural deflection.

  • The lifting of the beam uses AC motor for constant speed operation, ensuring smooth and uniform lifting.

  • The measurement extension adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, delivering constant torque output and stable speed. The guide rail is made of high-strength 45# steel, undergoing stress relief treatment and precision machining to ensure high strength and stability without deformation over time.

  • The extension/retraction of the beam adopts gear and rack transmission, providing high transmission accuracy, smooth operation, and the ability to display and pre-set the speed.

  • The lifting of the beam, extension/retraction of the beam, and movement of the trolley are all equipped with electronic and mechanical dual protection devices.

  • High-quality slewing support is used, offering flexible rotation and long service life.

  • Plastic drag chains are used for wiring, providing durability, convenience, aesthetics, and safety.

  • The control station and handheld controller can form a remote control mode. With computer control technology, all welding parameters are digitally displayed and can be pre-set. The operation is flexible and convenient. The control station has interlocking interfaces for coordination with other products from the company. The handheld controller allows easy remote operation of the welding operation machine, welding center, and other mechanisms, enabling real-time control of the welding process.

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