Hydraulic Tilting Welding Rotator


The hydraulic tilting welding rotator consists of an active roller frame, a passive roller frame, a hydraulic tilting platform, a pump station, anti-slip device, and an electrical control system. This product is widely used in industries such as wind power, pressure vessels, petrochemicals, pipelines, steel structures, boilers, shipbuilding, and overlay welding repair. It can be customized with different specifications and parameters based on customer industry requirements.

Product Details

  • The active (passive) roller frames are installed on the base and equipped with two sets of rollers that can rotate at a certain angle. The active roller frame is driven by a set of drive devices, including a driving motor, reducer, coupling, and connecting shaft.

  • The driving motor is powered by domestic AC motors and drives the worm gear reducer, which is coaxial with the central shaft of the two sets of roller devices.

  • The roller rotation is driven by two sets of gear transmission devices, ensuring balanced friction forces on both sides of the workpiece during rotation.

  • This provides stability and increased driving capacity, effectively guaranteeing the processing quality of the workpiece.

  • The reducer adopts a fully enclosed oil-immersed lubrication design, which eliminates welding spatter, slag, dust, and foreign matter, making it maintenance-free and long-lasting.

  • The hydraulic tilting platform is assembled by rectangular pipes and channel steel to ensure the strength of the base. The base is inclined at 45 degrees, with a workpiece length range of 600-2000mm.

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