Adjustable Welding Rotator


The welding rotator is primarily used for welding, polishing, lining, and assembly of cylindrical workpieces. It can also be used in conjunction with other fixtures for the assembly and welding of conical and segmented workpieces with varying diameters. This product finds wide applications in industries such as wind power, pressure vessels, petrochemicals, pipelines, steel structures, boilers, shipbuilding, and welding repair. We can also design and customize various types of roller frames according to the specific needs of our customers.

Performance features

  • Dual gearbox and dual motor drive with strong driving force. Equipped with high-quality frequency converter for reliable performance.

  • Adjustable welding rotator with center distance adjustment: For loads below 2 tons, screw adjustment is used, while for loads above 5 tons, bolt-gear adjustment is employed.

  • The welding rotator is designed for variable speed adjustment using a frequency converter.

  • The welding rotator can be customized and designed to accommodate various deformation modes, such as mobile type, screw-adjustable type, lift type, and tilt type, according to the specific needs of the user.


Specification load capacity(T) Roller Diameter(mm) Roller width(mm) Workpiece Diameter(mm)
KT-2T 2 250 120 200-2000
KT-5T 5 250 120 200-2500
KT-10T 10 300 150 300-3000
KT-20T 20 300 170 300-3500
KT-30T 30 300 200 300-4000
KT-40T 40 425 220 300-4500
KT-60T 60 425 240 600-5000
KT-80T 80 425 260 800-5500
KT-100T 100 500 280 1000-6000

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