Self-aligning Welding Rotator


Our self-aligning welding rotator is developed by incorporating the advantages of similar products both domestically and internationally, while considering the usage requirements of several boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing plants. It is widely used for welding metal cylinders and is a specialized equipment required for the manufacturing of boilers, pressure vessels, and more. The self-aligning welding rotator features advanced technology, reliable quality, and easy operation.

Performance features

  • The standard self-aligning welding rotator consists of an active frame and a passive frame, and can also be customized with one active frame and multiple passive frames, providing ease of use and strong adaptability.

  • The roller group's inclination angle can be automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the workpiece, eliminating the need for manual adjustment.

  • All four wheels of the active frame adopt gear meshing transmission, enabling four-wheel drive.

  • The polyurethane-coated wheels have high friction, long lifespan, and strong load-bearing capacity.

  • The adoption of AC frequency converter allows for stepless speed control, providing high starting torque, a wide speed range, stable operation, and multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, and overheating.

  • The start, stop, forward, reverse, and speed adjustment of the active roller frame are operated on the remote control box.

  • There is an interface for linkage control, enabling integration with operating machines for welding center formation.


Specification load capacity(T) center distance(mm) Roller Diameter(mm) Roller width(mm) Workpiece Diameter(mm)
ZT-5T 5 1030 250 120 300-2500
ZT-10T 10 1070 300 150 300-3000
ZT-20T 20 1180 300 170 400-3500
ZT-30T 30 1270 300 200 450-3800
ZT-40T 40 1600 350 200 600-4500
ZT-50T 50 1700 400 200 750-5000
ZT-60T 60 1850 425 220 750-5500
ZT-80T 80 1950 425 220 900-5800
ZT-100T 100 2200 425 220 1000-6000

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