Roller Overlay Welding Special Machine


The Roller Overlay Welding Special Machine is characterized by its low cost, low energy consumption, and high flexibility. It is widely used for hard-facing prevention and repair work on different components such as section steel rolls, cold and hot support rolls, non-ferrous metal rolls, and various hot rolling rolls.


  • Standard configuration: It adopts electromechanical integrated welding equipment.

  • Advanced technology: The welding gun electrode is water-cooled to prevent heat transfer during welding.

  • Multiple options: During the overlay welding process, single or double-headed welding modes can be selected depending on the size of the workpiece.

  • Wide range of applications: It is mainly used for prevention and repair work on the surfaces of various rolls, including section steel rolls, hot rolling rolls, nip rolls, and wind-up rolls. It can also be used for welding irregular grooves on oil cylinders, as well as circumferential and longitudinal welding on cylindrical bodies.

  • Multiple functions: The roller overlay welding machine can use both swing welding and non-swing welding methods depending on the welding materials. It can also set the swing range and the dwell time at the middle and two ends of the swing.

  • Intelligent separation: The equipment is equipped with a welding slag vibrating conveying screen to separate and facilitate the recovery of flux and slag.

  • Automatic recovery: The flux is automatically recovered, and the conveying system is equipped with a material level alarm system, making the welding operation simple and manageable by a single operator.

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