Gantry Type Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine


The main equipment for external longitudinal seam welding consists of a gantry-type longitudinal seam welder and an adjustable roller frame. The power tower is placed on the roller frame, and the gantry-type longitudinal seam welder walks and welds the workpiece.


  • The welding system is also equipped with a flux recovery and conveying integrated machine (with automatic heating). On the left side of the gantry welder, there is a flux replenishment barrel that can automatically feed.

  • During the welding process, the available flux is automatically recovered and conveyed, with a high recovery rate. It has an attractive appearance, advanced technology, scientific and rational structure, safety and reliability, and easy operation.

  • It is driven by an AC motor, controlled by a negative pressure fan, and features dust bag filtration. During the recovery process, micro dust and flux are automatically separated, eliminating environmental pollution.

  • The equipment is equipped with a welding seam grinding and slag removal machine, which can be adjusted in height/angle according to the size of the cylinder.

  • It is used for welding seam cleaning, and after welding, it automatically knocks down the welding slag into a storage box for easy collection.

  • The gantry welder control system is equipped with a communication network manager for remote operation, program modification, fault detection, and troubleshooting.

  • The gantry special machine walking and welding start or stop is linked to the power supply for control.

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