Four-gun Head Wear-resistant Plate Overlay Welding Equipment


The four-gun head wear-resistant plate overlay welding equipment adopts imported servo motor, servo motor specialized micro reducer, and a low-noise, smooth operation, and high speed control accuracy reduction system. It is mainly used for overlay welding wear-resistant plates and is a fully automatic intelligent auxiliary welding equipment.


  • The main structure of the wear-resistant plate overlay welding equipment should have sufficient strength, rigidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, stability, and anti-tilting properties.

  • Each mechanism should operate safely and reliably, and vibrations, noise, and environmental protection should meet the relevant standards. The transmission system of the equipment is characterized by smooth transmission, low noise, and long service life.

  • When designing and producing wear-resistant plate overlay welding equipment, Xushen Intelligent Equipment always adheres to multiple principles: safe operation, advanced design, reasonable structure, simple operation, and convenient after-sales service.

  • The overall technical level of the equipment has surpassed 80% of domestic counterparts in the same industry and category.

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