Cantilevered Lifting Welding Platform


The cantilevered lifting welding platform adopts a cantilevered lifting structure, ensuring smooth operation and high reliability. The operating platform can be raised or lowered using a chain and sprocket system to adapt to welding different diameter workpieces. The cantilevered lifting welding platform is equipped with an electric trolley, allowing for overall movement and changing workstations. By using a car-type submerged arc welding system in conjunction with a welding roller frame, it achieves longitudinal and circumferential welding of cylindrical bodies.


  • This equipment is a dedicated device for automated welding of workpieces, consisting of columns, traveling mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, lifting platforms, and control systems.

  • This equipment is a dedicated device for automatic welding of longitudinal and circumferential seams of cylindrical bodies, consisting of columns, traveling mechanisms, lifting mechanisms, lifting platforms, and control systems. It can achieve outer circumferential seam welding through collaboration with the roller frame and automatic submerged arc welding. It provides stable travel, minimal vibration, and allows for the welding equipment and welder to move together. The user's own welding car can walk on the lifting platform to complete the longitudinal seam welding.

  • Equipment components: columns, lifting mechanisms, lifting work platforms, longitudinal guide rail traveling mechanisms, and control systems.

  • The equipment adopts a double-column structure, with a box-type frame structure made of high-quality steel plates and profiles. Each column has two guides for accurate travel guidance with four guide wheels. This compact and reliable structure provides excellent load-bearing capacity and serves as the main support structure for the equipment. A single guide rail supports the travel at the bottom of the equipment, and four wheels on top guide it on the upper guide rail, saving space and ensuring smooth and reliable movement. The material of the travel wheels is 45# cast steel, which is reliable due to the quenching treatment.

  • The work platform is also welded with steel plates and profiles, ensuring firmness and reliability. The platform is equipped with a ladder (with a safety cage) and safety fences and kick plates on all sides to ensure the safety of operators and maintenance personnel.

  • The traveling mechanism is the power unit for the platform's operational movement. The traveling trolley is a box beam structure carried by a master and slave traveling wheel. The transmission principle is: motor-worm reducer-roller-operating platform.

  • The lifting mechanism operates by synchronously lifting the platform using a motor, reducer, coupling, two chains, and the work platform. The lifting process is smooth and reliable. Additionally, there are two steel cables on both sides of the platform, with one end connected to the platform and the other end connected to a counterweight, to prevent rapid platform descent in case of chain failure.

  • The platform is equipped with openings for manual welding and cleaning purposes.

  • The cantilever welding platform is equipped with a control panel and a handheld control box for convenient operation by workers.

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