Year-end orders keep on coming, shandong zibo customer ordered the shifting machine, welding rotator loading shipment


Near the year end, Zhengzhou Xushen Intelligent Equipment Company is busy with orders. Yesterday, the workshop completed the delivery of another order, the customer is a pipeline conveying enterprise in Zibo, Shandong Province, at the beginning of the month in the company ordered several sets of shifting machine and welding rotator. In the middle of the month has been sent to the customer part of the order, yesterday the customer order the remaining sets of welding rotators and displacements have been completed in quality and quantity, and debugging acceptance, workers work overtime in the evening loading trucks sent to the customer site.

Customer recognition and trust, has been our company’s unchanging pursuit, but also our continuous innovation of the “greatest power”, we sincerely thank you for our company’s recognition, recognition of our brand, recognition of our product quality and service, thank you for your strong support and cooperation. In the new year, we order to forge ahead and live up to our promise.

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