What details do I need to pay attention to in the daily operation of the welding positioner?


Welding positioner is a very practical in the automation of welding in the auxiliary positioner equipment, is the modern pipeline industry, containers and steel production enterprises, one of the new commonly used equipment, very widely used in the flange, pipe fittings and other types of steel structure parts of the manufacturing industry, in the production process, it is significant to improve the quality of welding, reduce the number of times the work is carried out to reduce the labor intensity of workers to improve the production efficiency is significant. That in the daily use of welding positioner, we should pay attention to what details of the problem? Today, Zhengzhou Xushen Intelligent Equipment Company brings you to learn together.

Welding positioner need to pay attention to the daily operation of the problem:

1. the use of the equipment must be removed before the use of all sundries within the scope of work. The workplace should be kept clean and tidy when in use.

2. before starting the machine should check the electrical lines, check the lubrication parts to ensure that the reducer lubricant is sufficient. Especially in the flip operation, must confirm the power phase is correct, if the power phase is not correct, should be adjusted in a timely manner, otherwise the flip limit switch will not work, it is very easy to cause damage to the equipment (confirmation method: in the flip, the human pressure to close the flip limit switch, check the phase is correct).

3. each time before clamping the workpiece must be cleared of debris on the chuck clamp, after clamping the workpiece to ensure that the clamping is secure, clamped in a timely manner after taking away the clamping wrench.

4. the table is equipped with welding conductive device, welding cable can be connected before welding.

5. Before turning over, you should observe whether there are any objects that hinder the rotation of the workpiece.

6. the operation box is equipped with speed buttons, and digital display function, speed intuitive and convenient.

7. When the workpiece is turned over, press the stop button after turning to the required angle.

8. After the operation is finished and after work, make sure the power supply is disconnected to avoid damage to the equipment caused by the change of power supply voltage. At the same time, remove the dust and debris on the rotating gear to extend its service life.

9. the principle of workpiece selection:

① Theoretically, the weight of the workpiece shall not be greater than the maximum load;

② Selection of workpiece must refer to the corresponding diagram of the torque of each model, can not be greater than the maximum specified torque;

③Turning moment: weight G × center of gravity distance h;

④Turning moment: weight G×eccentricity distance e.

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